Making Mars


Making Mars is the story of a guy who applies his additive manufacturing, robotics, and programming expertise to not only survive, but thrive, on Mars. After 100 years of terraforming, Mars is barely habitable. Dirk leaves his life in Hawaii and heads to Mars to help with the building of the Space Elevator that will transform the logistics of Martian life. However, the job is less straightforward than he expected. Further, when not busy at the Crane Farm, managing deliveries of Space Elevator parts, (and narrowly escaping being crushed by stray packages hurling toward him at 3000 miles an hour) he has to deal with the activities of the local bureaucrats. Unbeknownst to him, he is at the center of their mysterious plans. Forced to use all of his making, hacking and parkour skills to stay one step ahead, he formulates a plan of his own to make life on Mars more fun. However, the idea has unforeseen, and devastating, consequences. Will Dirk and his friends be able to fabricate a solution before it is too late?

Inspire the budding STEM expert in your life with this exciting adventure that demonstrates the utility of developing an engineering mind and skill set in every chapter.