Relaxed Cat’s European Vacation

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Hi, I’m Cleo, the Relaxed Cat.

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These are samples of the images you’ll find in the coloring book.


This is an Unusual Coloring Book

I produced these illustrations while on a trip to Europe.

The main objective of the trip was to visit friends, but I made sketches of various sites as well. The pictures in this volume, for example, are from Lativa.

However, my time was not entirely my own – I had a schedule to keep, and so the pictures are all unfinished in various degrees.

I’ve therefore provided you with this copy so that we can collaborate on completing them in a co-creation process.

How you proceed is entirely up to you – I’m going to be happy with the results. Many coloring possibilities are available. One can simply shade in a few parts to liven up the drawings with color, complete the images with a pen before coloring the figures and buildings, or engage in a detailed treatment of each visual element, with perhaps the occasional accent in metallic pen.


The key, however, is ensuring that the process is fun and relaxing – I’m confident it will be.

About Me

Born in Chesapeake, Virginia I acquired my human, Jack, on a sunny porch. A wonderful lady had brought me home, temporarily, after finding me outside a local mall. Jack learned about me, came over, and picked me up! We’ve been together ever since, adventuring, traveling, and enjoying fine food like dried squid and poke.

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